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You’ve tried reading books and articles and it just makes you more confused than ever. All that heavy theory and mathematics don’t help with the real world problems you face every day in your job. Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll ever “get it”. I know how you feel and I know the solution!

So, how do you take it to the next level? I did it the hard way, spending 7 years at university to get a BSc, MPhil and PhD. That’s seven years of my life gone and, to be honest, most of it didn’t help me one bit when I started my first job. I spent my first years floundering around trying to work out how to solve the real world problems thrown at me. Sound familiar?

Since then, I’ve spent over 20 years honing my skills and now I’m considered one of the very best in the world. The Fortune 500 come to me for answers. But I’m guessing you don’t have a spare 27 years you’d like to invest.

I can read your mind!

Now, I’m going to take a guess at what’s going on inside your mind. Here are the three questions I would be asking in your shoes.

1. Is this guy really such an expert?
2. Can he can teach his skills to others?
3. Will he be able to teach me those skills?

Chris DeArmitt PhD

Chris DeArmitt PhD

Let’s look at each of those three great questions and thanks for asking by the way. If you work for a company like Exxon, P&G, Eastman, Ascend, Invista, Celanese, Americhem, Omya, Imerys, J M Huber or any other major plastics or minerals companies, then you or your colleagues have probably heard of me already.

I have numerous publications, patents and presentations but that doesn’t necessarily prove I can help people. What I’m most proud of is being voted #1 most helpful plastic expert for answering people’s questions the last several years in a row. That’s right, out of 15 000 people, my advice was most helpful to them in their job.

So, let’s say you’ve heard of me or read enough to convince yourself that I’m the real deal. We all know that most experts are so caught up in theory and mathematics that you can barely understand what they are talking about. There’s no way they can teach anyone anything.

In contrast, I’ve spent the last 20 years teaching people what they need to thrive in the plastics industry. I’ve won several awards, and my feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers averages over 95%. Will I be able to teach you? I bet I can!

When working at Electrolux Frigidaire and BASF I often found myself training new recruits to help them get up to speed and give them a jump-start in their career. It turned out that it’s possible to teach people with no plastics experience how they work, using zero mathematics and no boring theory.

In 2003, I started giving live web-based training courses and inspired by satisfied customers and great feedback I tweaked the existing talks and made new ones to cover popular topics. Then I started doing in person, customized events for companies like Exxon, Ascend, Omya and many more.

My Offer to You: Here’s exactly what you get…

I have created a set of five one hour training videos, each on a separate topic that comes up time and again for anyone dealing with plastic materials. These are crafted to allow you to be the plastics expert you always wanted to be, so you can get that pay rise, so that you can increase your job security and so that you can earn the respect and admiration of your colleagues. Your newfound confidence will help you enjoy your job because you can create new formulations faster, solve problems more easily and have less stress because you know you have it all under control. You don’t even have to understand plastic materials at all to get started. I’ve got that covered in the first video. You can learn all about what plastics are, how polymer chains are made, what properties they have and why. It’s really simple – when explained the right way.

Introduction to Plastic Materials Understand what plastics are and how they behave – with no prior training

Introduction to Filled Plastics What fillers are, what they do and which one to select to meet your targets

Advanced Filled Plastics More advanced and not so well known information and tips about filled plastics

Dispersants & Coupling Agents –  What these additives do, how to find the right one and how much to use

Impact Modification Understand impact, how to measure and improve it, with pros and cons of each method


 “Chris’ unique background allows him to take abstract chemical and mechanical concepts and boil them down their key practical implications at every step of the supply chain. If you are looking for a credible resource to fast track your way through the learning curve of polymer property modification, this is it:”

Normand Miron, Business Development Manager, Milliken

“I have stood in many airport security lines in order to attend plastics and fillers seminars chaired and/or delivered by Chris DeArmitt. He is a gifted speaker with an impressive industry I.Q. I just wish he had thought about on-line training five years earlier.”

Bob Vasily President – Canadian Wollastonite, Canada

“Chris is an engaging speaker who also has the ability to deliver insightful technical value in his presentations that attendees can bring back to the job. He has the ability to distill his vast technical knowledge of plastics and surface chemistry into practical solutions for real problems.”

Scott Stephenson – Formerly VP at IntertechPira, currently Conference Director at CompositesWorld, USA

Four and a half stars

What’s it Worth to Me?

You know that to stand out and get ahead, you’ll need to be the go-to person for your colleagues and your boss too. How much is mediocrity costing you? Salary studies show that moving from average performance to top 25% brings an additional 15% salary and moving from top 25% to top 10% of performers brings an additional 12% premium. So, let’s look at some examples.

»  Average performer on $50 000 now, who moves to the top 25% would make $6500 extra per year

»  Average performer on $100 000, who gets to the top 25% could make an extra $13 000 a year

»  A top 25% employee on $ 75000 who climbs into the top 10% means $7500 extra a year income

»  Average worker on $50 000 now, who becomes top 10% could make $12000 extra per year

That means you’re throwing away thousands of dollars every year that you don’t take that step up to the next level. Look at it from another angle. Who are the ones that get cut when the next downturn strikes? It’s not the top performers is it? That’s a pretty powerful incentive to stay above the cut line!

My Personal 2×100 Guarantee

These training videos come with my personal 100 day, 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee so you can return them for any reason, or no reason. I offer that because first, I know they will take you to that next level, and secondly because I want you to be totally satisfied. Sometimes I hesitate to push the buy now button, but there’s really no need to worry. The transaction is encrypted and handled by PayPal so no-one ever sees your credit card information. Of course, you can always get a refund through your credit card company but who needs hassle? I am offering an instant 100% refund and remember the risk in on me, not on you! What do I mean by that? Well, you’re buying a digital product and I can’t take it back, so I am the one with something to lose here. I’m willing to take that risk and by the way, there have been no refund requests to date. So go ahead and  buy with total confidence and get on the path to progress. The download link is created instantly and sent to you by email so you can get started right away becoming a plastic materials star.

Bonus Content

And now for an unexpected bonus. I want to give you a 60 page report of some of my best work ever. It shows how we found the best dispersant for all the most common mineral fillers using a method that’s so fast and inexpensive you won’t believe your eyes. You will see how you can literally find the ideal surface treatment type and amount to use on any filler or pigment without the time and expense of compounding.

The complete set of 5 videos, your ticket to a better future, are available now at a

low introductory price!

Now you’re at the point of decision, what are you going to do? Are you going to choose more of the same mediocrity, worrying about the next issue and how you will cope? Unable to get recognized and get that pay rise? Knowing you could be one of those sent home when times are tight. That’s where I used to be, so I can relate. One thing is for sure, continuing on the same path you’ve been on will not get you where you want to be.

Now is the time for action!

Do you want a new outcome and a brighter future? I think you do, or you wouldn’t be here. It’s within your grasp. All you have to do is push the button below and in one minute you will be downloading and watching the video that will start you on that new path. The training is proven so it is sure to work. One button press is all it takes. Imagine how amazing it will feel to be a master of your trade.

Five one hour videos to propel you to the next level!

Introductory price of just $497.00

Use any major credit card using the PayPal button below. It is 100% safe and you don’t need a PayPal account.

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Congratulations on taking this big step toward a better, more rewarding and more secure future.


P.S. Now is the time to act. There is an acute shortage of people who really understand plastic materials and you can fill that gap! I look forward to hearing how this transforms you and your career!

This introductory price will expire after the first 20 sales, at which time the bonus will be removed and the price will increase to $749.00 – so take advantage now.


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